B-King Boardcomputer

A short how-to to set the things on the suzuki B-King. The bike has, like all modern today vehicules, a lot of technical stuff on board. And you can’t believe how hard it is something to just put your clock correct. Always interesting to keep somewhere safe till you need it. It’s easy, but you’ve got to know how… :wink:

Setting the clock

  1. Push SEL and ADJ for about 2 seconds
  2. Change hour with the SEL button
  3. Change minutes with the ADJ button
  4. Push SEL and ADJ again for about 2 seconds

Reset the reminder

  1. Power off (ignition off)
  2. Push ‘SET’ and power on
  3. Keep pushing 3sec (R flashes 3 times)
  4. Stop pushing and power off

Change the maintenanceinterval

  1. Power on
  2. Push INFO till ‘maintenance interval’
  3. Push INFO and SET for 3 seconds (S flashes)
  4. With SET you go up, with INFO you go down
  5. Push INFO and SET for 3 seconds (S flashes)
    1.Power off