Cisco cli H3C

Some commands that are usefull when you switch from cisco towards h3c. As most of us (?) know, cisco is around for quite a while. And when you want to present a new product, you’ll have to make sure that your product can do the same like cisco. OK, i agree, H3C is a bit to much. It’s rarther funny to see how they reuse the commands in their way…

Cisco >< H3C
show >< display
no >< local-user
end >< return
exit >< quit
write >< save
erase >< delete
write >< save
hostname >< sysname
router rip >< rip
router ospf >< ospf
router bgp >< bgp
ip route >< ip route-static
access-list >< acl
line vty 0 4 >< user-interface vty 0 4
terminal length 0 >< screen-length disable
terminal >< monitor
logging console level >< terminal logging
terminal >< debugging
show run >< display current-configuration
show start >< display save-confguration
show tech-support >< display diagnostic-information
show interfaces status >< display brief interfaces
show ip int brief >< display ip int brief
show ip route >< display ip routing-table
show logging >< display info-center
show version >< display version