Importeer contacten van outlook naar 'personen app'

Dit legt je stap per stap uit hoe je contactpersonen van outlook in ‘personen app’ brengt:

  1. Export outlook

  2. Click on File, Options, Advanced

  3. In the middle of the Outlook Options window, click on Export

  4. Select “Export to a file” then click Next>

  5. Comma Separated Values (DOS) should be selected by default, click Next>

  6. Select the Contacts folder and click Next>

  7. Click Browse and select a directory (I chose Desktop) and type a filename in the “File name:” box; click OK to get back to the Export to a File window; click Next>

  8. Click Finish to create the CSV file; click OK or Cancel to exit the Outlook Options window

  9. Import ‘People app’:

  10. From a web browser, go to

  11. Sign in with your Microsoft account credentials (i.e. your hotmail username and password)

  12. In the gray center pane at the bottom, click on “Import from file”, a new browser tab or window will open

  13. In the new window, click on “Microsoft Outlook (using CSV)” if it’s not already selected

  14. Click the Browse… button, navigate to the CSV file saved in Step 1 and select it

  15. Click the red Import contacts button and wait