IP-camera snapshots

Personally i like it when my website is a bit up to date. So would it be nice that pictures are on your site, that live a bit? That are up to date? So for me, i’m taking snapshots each x-minutes from the camera’s that i use later on in my website.
This is an example for this, if all goes well, it should be changed each 12 minutes…

The script for this calls /scripts/get_cam_snapshot.sh

wget --user=admin --password=AreYouKidding --output-document=/var/www/weblinkg/images/example1.png
wget --user=admin --password=AreYouKidding --output-document=/var/www/weblinkg/images/example2.png
wget --user=admin --password=AreYouKidding --output-document=/var/www/weblinkg/images/example3.png
wget --user=admin --password=AreYouKidding --output-document=/var/www/weblinkg/images/example4.png

And in my crontab

*/12 * * * * root /scripts/get_cam_snapshot.sh &> /dev/null

And once you take snapshots each x-minutes (see above), why shouldn’t you archive this? And with this archive, why not making a movie? A movie about how things are evolving?
This is done with a very simple script: copy the image towards another location with a different hostname…
You can see it here in action.

The script calls get_cam_evolutie.sh

now=$(date +"%Y%m_%d")
cp /var/www/weblink/images/example1.png /var/www/weblink/images/evolutie1/$_now.png
cp /var/www/weblink/images/example2.png /var/www/weblink/images/evolutie2/$_now.png
cp /var/www/weblink/images/example3.png /var/www/weblink/images/evolutie3/$_now.png

And my crontab:

11 15 * * * root /scripts/get_cam_evolutie.sh &> /dev/null