Linux: Stick Bit +

Don’t ask me why (i’m sure you’ll), but after moving my data from my NAS to the LinuxMCE machine, all my folders/files received an extra permission bit (a sticky bit). And normally this is mostly a ‘t’. But in my case, this was a + (=plus sign)?!
I think that the problem started because i mounted a NAS with nfs, and the filesystem was mks. But this is simply my thoughs…

Normally you should be able with a simple “chmod 0777 *”. But nothing is normally when you’ve got a problem.
After a very long searching why i couldn’t remove that sticky bit, i found a way…
Install ACL

sudo apt-get install acl

Remove the rights (sticky bit). Replace the * if you want to specify your folders:

sudo setfacl -bR *

Set the proper rights to your folders (for example:)

sudo chmod 755 * -Rf