MS 2 Network cards, same network

How to add a route on a desktop with two network cards and on same lan?
This comes from a ““problem”” i had configuring a desktop with two interfaces.

The interfaces are on the same lan (take IP .10 and .11) and should go to the same gateway (take IP .1).
The goal is to route FeedA via the first and FeedB via the second card, so they arrive with different source-addresses (that way, different routing is also possible for example on a different pvc).
Anyway, this is what routes to add in the dos-prompt Code:

route ADD MASK x.x.x.1 METRIC 5 IF 1
route ADD MASK x.x.x.1 METRIC 5 IF 2

So the x.x.x.1 is the same gateway for both routes, the source given with the packets is determined by the IF-argument.

There is a know bug on this!
Issue : When you apply the above route ADD’s after a reboot the desktop will go crazy on this and use only one card.

Solution : None, it is a windows feature
Workaround Configure some ““startup””-script with admin rights to apply above route ADD’s every time computer is restarted (should be somewhere defined in the registry)