Upload FTP

When you want to copy files over a network, there are different ways to do it. One of it is ftp. To setup a ftp connection, you can follow these guide lines:


If everything is fine, you should be connected to the ftp server on the other side.
With the command ‘ls’, you can see the files that are located on the other machine, and with the command ‘pwd’ you’ll see in which folder you’re in.


Basiclly, you’ve got 2 commands that are important, and that’s put and get. Put is seen from you local machine. So with this, you put from the local machine the files on the remote server. And with get, well… you can figure it out yourself.

put filename
put fil*
get filename
get fil*

If you now want to copy more files, you can use the commands mput and mget. Nice, except for one thing, the damned thing asks each time if you want to copy it. For this, you can do a small workaround before starting the command. Just put in one word before starting to copy: prompt. Easy, no?

mput 2009*
mget 2009